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Knight on Horseback in Armor
An armored knight prepares for the Joust

Joust action
Action in the Ring during the Joust.

Messers Rothe and Sloan
The Man in the Kilt and the Mastermind of the Scottish Rogues discuss the new queen.

The Mediaeval Scale and its Owner
Old Beams, Chains, a Church Pew, a Bag of Rocks, and a Couple of Pretty Girls. The Scale Man is behind the scale in blue shirt and black hat.

Queen Anne Boleyn
Queen Anne Boleyn. The 2002 version is much prettier than the original edition.

Queen Anne Boleyn's Coronation
The Queen's Coronation. Pageantry and Ritual.

Pretty young women in costume
The Desk supposes these are Wenches. If not, they'll do nicely anyway.
What's a Media Desk Photoessay without at least ONE gratuitous picture of pretty women?

The Story
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